Your favourite tweets, imagined in real life.

Simply paste the link of your favourite tweet and we will do the rest. If you’re looking for a unique funny gift, you can't go wrong with the Custom Tweet Pillow.

How It Works

Pick Your Background

Get Grailed

Paste Your Tweet

Get Grailed

Get Grailed

Get Grailed
Step 1:
Pick A Background

First things first you need to select a background for your new pillow tweet. We have various artworks available for pre-selection and are constantly updating new designs. Find one that's right for your next.. "Pièce de résistanc" aka dope statement piece in your (or a friends) favourite room , office or hangout.

Step 2:
Paste Your Tweet

Next you need to paste the link of your tweet you want to have on your pillow. You can literally use any tweet. Just paste it on the product customiser section below the background picker above. It's that easy!

Step 3:
Best Gift Ever.

The Tweet pillow is the best gift for that one self-obsessed “social savvy” friend who constantly tweets bare trash on Twitter with the hopes of finally “making it” as a social influencer on Twitter and constantly tells you about the time Bieber retweeted and liked their tweet that one time… (you know exactly what I mean), this is the gift for them!

Don't take our word for it


Love it when my friends see it they ask me where did I get it they love the print

Aldean B

Aug. 5


These are dope

Zach. B

May. 21


Fabulous Idea. Quality excellent Zips easy and no catching. Love it xxxx

Celene. Y

October. 8


Wish I bought another, love the designs and the quality is amazing! Well done!

Abbey. R

Nov. 1


The band artwork looked like it had been woven into the fabric. Well made. Finely crafted.

Jeff. G

Nov. 4