We plant trees in Tanzania, as part of the Forest Garden project

What are Forest Gardens?

A Forest Garden is an agroforestry system designed to optimize agricultural production on any piece of land.

Forest Garden designs incorporate fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and permagardens in combinations that maximize beneficial interactions and optimize income and yields.

  • Hunger: They help people suffering from chronic hunger achieve food security in less than 2 years.
  • Poverty: Allow people who earn less than $1.25/day to increase their income by 400%.
  • Deforestation: They accelerate the return of tree cover to our world’s degraded landscapes, while revitalizing dying soils.

How it works


You buy a product

  • For every print you purchase, we plant 1 baby tree!


We send money

The more you spend, the more we send. Your support goes to a non-profit organization that helps communities around the world plant trees and care for them.


Together, we plant trees

  • These guys distribute the funds between the projects we support, making sure that trees are being planted. Yup, it’s as simple as one-two-TREE!

Planting trees impacts locally and globally

Why We're doing this..
  • Provides people with sustainable means of growing food and raising an income
  • Teaches them to become agents of change within their community
  • Enables children's education and empowers women
  • Removes megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • Helps protect animal species.

We like to plan(t) ahead

  • We’re committed to improving everyone’s space - both personal and shared.
  • We believe that actions - same as art - speak louder than words.
  • Trees are our friends; they need our protection as much as we need theirs.